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Once upon a time, I was just like you - a visitor overwhelmed by the vastness of Napa's wine culture...

I fell in love with the region’s charm and decided to make it my mission to help others navigate its beauty. My passion for wine led me to become a certified sommelier, and my love for food and culture inspired me to curate unique, immersive experiences. Today, I’m proud to share my insider knowledge with you, ensuring you enjoy Napa just as much as I do.

Hi, I'm Tish!

Creating Unforgettable Experiences is Kinda My Thing...

With over a decade of exploring Napa and a formal education in wine culture, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your tour. But don’t let my professional credentials fool you – I’m also a foodie at heart who loves finding the perfect pairings for each bottle. When I’m not guiding tours, you might find me hiking the beautiful Napa trails or trying out new recipes at home.

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